Collagen fibers are made up of peptides, which are proteins responsible for skin strengthening and smoothing out lines. Several peptides have been shown to generate the production of new collagen, most notably the pentapeptide (meaning 5 amino acid chains) PAL-KTTS, which is commonly known as Matrixl, and the hexapeptide (as in 6) called Argirilene. This may remind you of a high school chemistry class, but if your lines are reduced, it will all be worth it.

Over time, with consistent usage, some peptides can maintain skin tone and firm texture. Women sometimes give up on their skin care way too soon, often in the first few days or even weeks before it has time to work. It takes at least two months to make new collagen, so stick with your regimen.

Remember that topical peptides will not produce the same visible effects of injectable BOTOX or dermal fillers like Restylane, but they can help to smooth fine lines and superficial wrinkles with continued use.

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