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From a bad day at the office or the ups and downs of an unhealthy relationship–stress can wreak havoc on your skin.

It can do this directly by siring a rise in stress hormones, which may increase the skin’s oil production, making you more prone to pimples or indirectly by discouraging healthy habits such as washing your face regularly, eating well and exercising.

Stress can trigger a rosacea flare, hair loss, hives or a host of other skin conditions.

3 Ways to Slash Stress:

Chilling Out

It can be as simple as taking deep soothing breaths, listening to feel-good music or calling your BFF, but find something that helps you de-stress and do it every single day without exception. Your skin and hair will thank you!

Catching your ZZZs

When we are stressed, we don’t get enough sleep, which can kick start a vicious cycle.

You become too tired to take care of you and more likely to choose unhealthy comfort foods and gain weight.

Good sleep hygiene starts with waking up and going to bed the same time every night – even on weekends, stopping all caffeine after 2 PM, and keeping the bedroom cold and cave-like to encourage sound sleep.

Writing it Down 

Consider keeping a journal of your thoughts. Sometimes just putting pen to paper and expressing yourself is enough to de-stress.

If you can’t break the cycle, ask your doctor for a referral to a therapist.

If stress has taken a toll on your skin, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kazin to come up with a regimen that will get your complexion glowing again.

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As a Hopkins-trained dermatologist, Dr. Kazin is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating the gamut of skin concerns and conditions.

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