Age spots, sun spots, and blotches –  we all have them at some time in our lives, even in younger people.  Skin discoloration is quite simply caused by cumulative sun exposure. Melanin accumulates where there is sun damage. Darker skin types are prone to patches of brown even long after spots or injuries have healed up. Called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), this is a chronic problem for many people. Dr. Kazin offers many safe and effective solutions to reduce pigmentation and discoloration.

The most commonly used skin lightening agent is hydroquinone, but many people are sensitive to it. As an alternative, skin brightening formulations can enhance clarity, help even out skin tone, and boost radiance by harnessing the potency of botanicals such as licorice, ginger root, mulberry, vitamin C and arbutin. Retinol is another topical ingredient used in many skin brighteners. This form of vitamin A is often used at night time so your skin can achieve the best results.

“To keep your complexion even toned, daily sun protection is a daily must,” says Dermatologist Rebecca Kazin. “When people come in asking about their uneven skin tone, the first thing I ask is whether they wear sunscreen. If the answer is no, we can start from there. Most people use sunscreen occasionally, but often not enough of it or consistently so that it is effective.”

It is the perfect time to consult with a board certified dermatologist to find out what can be done to reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten up your complexion. Dr. Kazin may suggest a regimen of topical products, as well as the most clinically advanced treatments designed specifically for your skin type and concerns. To remove dark spots, Dr. Kazin may also recommend cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen) or laser spot removal.

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