The evolution of these products began in Dr. Kazin’s office as she would routinely listen to her patients complain about their scalp symptoms and voice their frustration by the lack of options available. After repeatedly hearing the same patient complaints, she realized that products available to her patients to manage their scalp condition left their hair dry and unmanageable whereas the products that maintained the beauty and health of their hair did not adequately treat their scalp. She noted that her patients were often non-compliant with their doctor-recommended treatment because it either lacked acceptable medical efficacy and/or it left their hair unmanageable. Dr. Kazin noted a large treatment gap in both prescription and OTC therapies available from which physicians and patients could choose.

Additionally, a large majority of her patients (and the population as a whole) routinely color and/or chemically straighten their hair. Available hair products (shampoos, conditioners, etc.) are typically formulated with sulfate-based surfactants, and sodium chloride to adjust the products viscosity. Notably, as the prevalence of consumers with ‘treated hair’ has grown, consumers, stylists, and physicians alike have observed that this subset should not use the available prescription and OTC scalp treatments because the harsh sulfates and sodium chloride used to clean the hair have been shown to deplete essential scalp and hair oils, producing dull dehydrated hair and prematurely stripping desired hair color and synthetic straighteners. Recently, products targeting those with ‘treated hair’ have come to market, some even touting ‘scalp soothing’ properties, but they too have left her patients disappointed because they lack the sufficient medical efficacy to treat the scalp.

In short, Dr. Kazin realized that there are hair care products safe for ‘treated hair’ but not effective in treating the scalp and there are hair care products that can treat the scalp but are damaging to ‘treated hair.’ She decided that the solution to this growing problem was to develop a unique product line to treat and protect both the scalp and hair equally. The solution required a product with unparalleled medical efficacy to heal the scalp and of equal importance, maintain and promote the health of the hair. Dr. Kazin has now formulated and tested a novel, highly effective OTC therapeutic scalp and hair treatment system.