Stress From a bad day at the office or the ups and downs of an unhealthy relationship--stress can wreak havoc on your skin. It can do this directly by siring a rise in stress hormones,... Read More >>
Acne is not just for teens. In fact, adult acne is much more common than people realize. It is primarily hormonal, and affects as many as 50 percent of adult women in... Read More >>
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The skin on the neck and chest (decollete) is prone to sagging, laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, crêpe-like skin, dehydration, and sun damage. The good news is that several treatments that... Read More >>
One of the ways that our skin keeps itself renewed and youthful-looking is through the production of collagen. As we age, our skin naturally produces less collagen. Losing collagen can result in... Read More >>
Your skin is the body’s largest organ. If you were to stretch it out, it would cover approximately 2 square meters and comprise about 15% of your overall body weight. The thinnest skin on your body is on your eyelids. It is .002mm thick and has more pigment cells than others body areas. The thickest skin on your body are the soles of your fee - it’s about 1.4mm thick. And... Read More >>
Many women in their 30s are frustrated that their once oily skin from their teenage years is still a problem. Acne can last way past the teenage years into your 20s, 30s and beyond. If you started using products in your teens that stripped away your skin’s natural oils, your skin may now reflect that. For a woman in her 30s who is starting to see visible skin changes and... Read More >>
Raise your hands if you’re embarrassed to raise your hands. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, according to Chevy Chase dermatologist Rebecca Kazin. Thin, crepey and veiny hands with age spots are among the biggest complaints she hears from patients. Most people are aware of the importance of using a sunscreen with an SPF30 on their face and other exposed areas, but... Read More >>
Collagen fibers are made up of peptides, which are proteins responsible for skin strengthening and smoothing out lines. Several peptides have been shown to generate the production of new collagen, most notably the pentapeptide (meaning 5 amino acid chains) PAL-KTTS, which is commonly known as Matrixl, and the hexapeptide (as in 6) called Argirilene. This may remind you of a high... Read More >>
Peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and brighteners—these are the types of ingredients you can expect to find in cosmeceuticals, skin care products that bridge the categories of over-the-counter creams and physician prescribed treatments. Can cosmeceuticals replace BOTOX® and fillers and keep you from needing a facelift? Probably not, but advancements in topical... Read More >>
Age spots, sun spots, and blotches –  we all have them at some time in our lives, even in younger people.  Skin discoloration is quite simply caused by cumulative sun exposure. Melanin accumulates where there is sun damage. Darker skin types are prone to patches of brown even long after spots or injuries have healed up. Called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), this... Read More >>
Vitamin A is a very versatile vitamin. The trick with retinol, a potent vitamin A relative, is that it is sensitive to light and oxidation, but if it is stabilized and at a high enough concentration, studies have proven that you can get similar effects to the prescription strength Retin-A or tretinoin. Retinyl palmitate has less of an effect than retinol so you will need to use... Read More >>
Antioxidants function as free radical scavengers so they are best thought of as photoprotectors, which means that they can enhance sun protection during daylight exposure. There are a handful of major antioxidants that can improve the appearance of aging skin, and about a zillion minor ones. More than a decade ago vitamin C took center stage in the cosmeceutical world but we... Read More >>
As invigorating as outdoor activities are for your body and soul, sun exposure of any kind can have negative consequences for your skin. In addition to causing hyperpigmentation such as brown spots and freckles, sun exposure is a major cause of skin cancer, including potentially deadly melanoma. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime,... Read More >>
Brown spots and discoloration on the hands, face, neck and chest are a common concern that cosmetic dermatologists hear from their patients. Year-round sun exposure, outdoor activities, vacations at the beach practically guarantee the result of skin mottling and brown pigmentation on areas that get the most sun. Pigmentation is the color in your skin that is produced by... Read More >>
We are pleased to announce that Radiesse (Merz Aesthetics) was recently FDA-cleared for treating the dorsal hands - the back of the hands where bulging, blueish veins, blood vessels and tendons often appear with age and skin thins due to age and sun damage. Chevy Chase Maryland board certified dermatologist Rebecca Kazin uses Radiesse to immediately replenish volume to... Read More >>
Do you feel that frown lines and facial wrinkles are inevitable? Not in the 21st century because we have new and improved options that are effective. A universe of products and treatments... Read More >>
Frustrating, embarrassing, and often painful, acne can be minimized and even eradicated with proper treatment. At the root of all forms of acne is the p.acnes bacteria, which thrives in an environment of dirt and pore-clogging oil. Reducing excess oil and debris is key to ending the acne cycle. The next vital step is to reduce the bacteria that cause breakouts. Board... Read More >>
Microneedling is becoming a very popular procedure in dermatology practices all over the world. Originally developed in Europe, microneedling has come into its own and studies suggest that this technique can effectively improve acne scarring, aging skin, stretchmarks and hyperpigmentation. It is a very versatile procedure that can be used on the face, neck and decollete, as well... Read More >>