Many women in their 30s are frustrated that their once oily skin from their teenage years is still a problem. Acne can last way past the teenage years into your 20s, 30s and beyond. If you started using products in your teens that stripped away your skin’s natural oils, your skin may now reflect that. For a woman in her 30s who is starting to see visible skin changes and wrinkle formation, finding the right skin care regimen and makeup is so important, says Dr. Kazin.

Your skin needs different ingredients and formulations in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and as you age. Oil-free formulas can still be effective, but overly drying products loaded with high levels of benzoyl peroxide and other acne-fighting agents may be more than your skin really needs in your 30s. It is not uncommon to talk to women who are complaining of acne breakouts and wrinkles at the same time. It can be challenging to find the best skin care program to address both of these concerns.

If your skin is normal to dry, try using a lighter, crème-based foundation. Crème-to-powder foundations can be hydrating and glide over smooth, healthy skin beautifully. You may add a primer that goes on first to allow your makeup to set well and last longer. If your skin is still oily and you get occasional pimples, look for formulas that are non-comedogenic that do not clog pores.

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